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Lilly Lit cautiously peeks her head in by means of a bed room door. She glances around the room, then is satisfied that the room is empty. She hurries inside, looking cheerful with herself, though still appears back on the door once or twice to determine that she is indeed by myself.

‘I invariably wondered what Cadence maintains stashed round right here… I constantly hear her moaning through the walls at night, so I guess she’s received some really naughty stuff hidden round here!’ she giggles to herself. She sneaks over to a dresser and starts opening drawers, ultimately finding a bottle of lube. She picks it up and curiously reads the label, musing, ‘Flavored?? Why do you need FLAVORED lube??’ She hums to herself as she pours a dab onto her hand and tastes it. ‘Oooh… Watermelon?? That’s no longer unhealthy, certainly!’

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