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Georgia Jones undresses in a confidential massage room, even though she strikes carefully in view that of her aching butt. When her masseuse, Kristen Scott, enters the room, she tries to play it cool, even though Kristen immediately sees that whatever is bothering her patron. However, Georgia isn’t competent to quit her secret so soon.

As soon as Georgia’s butt is raised, the massage turns into even more thorough. Even though she tries to behave, Georgia can’t help but to grow to be aroused. When Kristen’s hand by accident grazes over her pussy, Georgia’s electrified. It isn’t long before she’s cheekily inquiring for the therapeutic massage to become much more intimate and they eagerly plunge their fingers and tongues into each and every other’s pussies. Georgia’s obtained a case of the sore backside blues, and Kristen has the excellent therapy!

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Georgia Jones, Kristen Scott
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